The Daily Cartoonist turns 6 years old; still running typos like a 1st grader

Just a quick announcement. My wife reminded my last night that The Daily Cartoonist turned 6 years old. The date’s a bit fuzzy. The first blog post was on October 5 – but that was on a free blogging account on Blogger. I purchased the domain on the 14th with the first news story soon after. So…. let’s just say the month of October is the appropriate time to celebrate another year.

I will be conducting a fundraiser this year. I didn’t last year because I was in a constant state of asking “should I keep it going for another year?” With that question answered, I’m comfortable asking for donations. The blog will never rival my 9-5 job salary so I have no aspirations of making it a full-time gig, but I do want to raise enough money through it that it continues to be worth my while. More information on the fundraiser soon.

For those of you who have been loyal readers I want to thank you for time and support. The blog has been my connection to the art form and the creators. I hope in a small way, it’s been yours as well.


47 thoughts on “The Daily Cartoonist turns 6 years old; still running typos like a 1st grader

  1. I thought the typos were on purpose to show your humanity and make you more approachable to the common man.

    I come here almost everyday and I can’t wait to donate to the cause. Well, maybe I can wait until my next paycheck at least. Thanks Alan.

  2. Happy Birthday, TDC!

    The Daily Cartoonist has been my first stop for industry news every day since I discovered it.

    I’ll continue to read, as long as you continue to publish, Alan, and I’ll be sure to contribute the next time you pass the hat.

  3. Congratulations on your first six years! You’ve definitely gained a very loyal following ? myself included. I’m not sure how we’d keep up with what’s going on without TDC. Best wishes on your continued success!

  4. Six fruitful years of great content and community. Your dedication and hard work are great appreciated. Definitely a stopping point in my day. Well done, Alan! Congratulatioins!

  5. Not in a small way, Alan. You make a huge contribution to my understanding of what’s going on in the cartoonist community.

    Congratulations on reaching six years; upward and onward, my friend!

  6. Congratulations on 6 years of DC. I’ve been reading your news for several of those years, and have relied on you for cartoon news. May you continue for many more!

  7. Ah, I remember when I turned 6. What a huge achievement that was. At six I learned to read, chase girls and drive a car. I used the car to chase girls…. Never found much use for reading though.

    Yes, I learned to drive at age six. In the country someone has to drive the hay truck while the strong adults loaded up the trailer. True story……..

    Happy birthday Daily Cartoonist!!!!!!

  8. …oh and by the way, before anyone thinks I was running girls over in my car…. I mean I used the driving skills to empress the ladies…. Oh never mind…. This ain’t going anywhere….

  9. I remember when Comics Coast to Coast got a mention on the Daily Cartoonist…we thought we’d made it, baby. Thanks for all your support, Alan…you’re a main stop on the cartoonist’s daily journey.

  10. Wow, six years is a major accomplishment! You’re to be commended for your diligence and perseverance, and for the sacrifices you make to carve the time of your personal life for TDC. Here’s to the next six!

    And for the Seinfeld fans: Six is good. You got a problem with six?

  11. I check in here each morning before I wax wise on my own blog. Which either makes you an inspiration, a source or simply an accomplice.

    And I always figured the typos were to detect cases of cut-and-paste piracy. Now that I know they’re unintentional …

  12. Congratulations on 6 years! I found your site just in time to learn about the first Success in Comics seminar where I had the pleasure of meeting you and many other wonderful “wannabe’s” and real honest to goodness cartoonists. It’s great to have a place to go to get all the latest news and info on the industry. Thanks for taking the time and effort to continue this endeavor. I know how hard it is to juggle family, work and hobbies. Thanks again and here’s to at least 6 more years!

  13. Hi Alan, Happy 6th anniversary, you’ve lasted longer than most marriages! Keep up the great work and here’s to many more years of quality cartooning updates.
    Kind Regards,

  14. Congrats Alan! I’m glad of the day when I just happened to stumble upon this website without any prior notice of it. This has been a great site, especially for new aspiring cartoonists like myself.

    Looking foward to many many more years!

  15. Congratulations!!! Your website is THE meeting place for all things cartooning. We’re all very grateful for your interest and effort. Thanks so much.

  16. Keep it up, Alan! Been reading now ever since I discovered it well over three years ago! Thanks for keeping this updated regularly and for all the great info on the comic biz

  17. Thanks for your devotion and time, Alan! Appreciate the “farce and balanced” approach to cartooning news. Congratulations! (Gotta reinstate the “like” button, though:)

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