Top 10 college newspaper comics

Dubbed the top 10 college newspaper comic by Online College Courses, the list includes Alex Cline’s Scrambled Eggs, John Vestevich, Rashad Baiyasi’s Comics by Rashad, Sean Polyn’s Shallow Grave, Jorge Cham’s Piled Higher and Deeper, Nate Beeler, Josh Ferrin, Bill Watterson, Tony Carillo’s F-Minus. You’ll note several of these individuals have gone on to bigger things, so it’s hardly a current round-up of individuals to watch out for, but it is interesting to note how many of the names did go on to professional work.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 college newspaper comics

  1. Funny how this mirrors actual college creative work — starts out as “Top 10 college newspaper comics” and then starts wandering around, losing focus, talking about “Calvin & Hobbes” despite the fact that no traditional-aged college kid can actually remember seeing that strip in a newspaper — a kid who was born the last day it ran would be in his senior year today … I’d have liked to have seen an actual selection of current college cartoonists, but this brought me right back to campus anyway.

    I hope their online courses are as easy to skate-and-fake as writing this article turned out to be.

  2. Cool to see a list like this (they get people debating, such as…), but what about The Perry Bible Fellowship and Girls & Sports? Both started in college newspapers and went on to greater popularity.

  3. Lookit mine! Probably not one of the best, but I sure like it!

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