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Dan Thompson to release graphic novel form of Rip Haywire

Rip Haywire creator Dan Thompson will be releasing a graphic novel based on his comic at the end of this month. The book is entitled, Rip Haywire and the Curse of Tangaroa!

You can check out samples of his book over on his web site. The book is a 112 page story of new material and story-line.

Community Comments

#1 Ron Ferdinand
@ 8:52 am

Congratulations, Dan! Love your work!!!!

#2 Norm Feuti
@ 9:18 am

This is definitely going on my Xmas list!

#3 Jason Nocera
@ 9:21 am

Already pre-ordered!

#4 Anne Hambrock
@ 11:11 am

Cool! Can’t wait!

#5 Daniel Boris
@ 11:15 am

Looks like a good one! Congrats, Dan!

#6 Dan Thompson
@ 10:19 am

Thanks, Everyone! This is being published by IDW publishing, they’re the 5th largest comic book publisher (GI JOE, Transformers, Star Trek and also The Library of American Comics brand) This is the first syndicated strip that I’m aware of to have a comic book/graphic novel in a long, long time! So I’m really excited about it and I hope it does well!

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