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Video: Watch warm-up sketch by Florian Satzinger

There’s A LOT of watch me draw videos out on the intertubes. One of my favorite artists is Florian Satzinger has posted a morning warm-up sketch.

Work In Progress 7 (2) from Florian Satzinger on Vimeo.

Community Comments

#1 Phil Judd
@ 3:06 pm

Great sketching…beautiful loose style…you can tell this guys draw a heck of a lot…very inspiring…thanks for posting

#2 Florian Satzinger
@ 1:35 am

Alan, many, many thanks mentioning my videos on the Daily Cartoonist. Cheers!

Phil, thanks, too! :)

#3 Eddie Pittman
@ 4:03 am

Wow. Inspiring… yet depressing…may I can still get that job at Wal-Mart.

#4 Derrick Wood
@ 11:16 am

Are you kidding, Eddie?! You are an awesome artist. My cartoons on the other hand…. I only go minimalist because I am hindered by my art skills.

#5 David Jones
@ 11:23 am

You both are extremely talented Eddie and Derrick. In competition with you guys, I should be the one applying at Walmart… As a matter of fact, I just might. This cartooning thang ain’t going anywhere at all…. lol…..

Just keep working hard and who knows what’ll happen. I hear every day, well not every day, about some web cartoonist being discovered…

#6 Derrick Wood
@ 1:23 am

David, first off thank you. Secondly, don’t go to Walmart! I’m still wanting to win an autographed Cheese Doodle!

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