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Norm Feuti’s Gil to launch in 2012

Norm Feuti, creator of the comic Retail and the webcomic Gil has announced that his Gil comic has been picked up by King Features Syndicate for a launch in January 2012. You may remember Gil was launched as a webcomic back in 2008 about a little boy from a broken family. It was a bit darker than most comics.

Here is the new description of the strip:

Meet Gil. He’s an 8-year-old kid. Gil is a bit of an underdog. He’s a little on the chubby side, and he’s usually the last kid picked at school to play dodgeball. He doesn’t have the newest toys or live in a fancy house. His parents are split up – his single mother supports them with her factory job income and his father isn’t around as often as a father ought to be. But none of these things seem to have an adverse affect on Gil’s relentless optimism and upbeat attitude.

In the months before the launch, Norm and King Features Comic Editor Brendan Burford are blogging about the developmental process of taking a comic to a syndication level.

For more information listen to Norm and Brendan talk about Gil with Tom Racine.

Community Comments

#1 Tom Heintjes
@ 8:37 am

This is GREAT news! I’ve always loved Gil. (Wasn’t it spelled “Gill” in its earlier incarnation?) It has such heart, and the somber undertones give it an emotional heft that a lot of strips lack. I’ll be rooting for this one to succeed despite the challenging environment, and I hope KFS’s marketing makes people aware of it, because so many people will be able to relate to it. Best of luck, Norm!

#2 Kelly McNutt
@ 9:03 am

Sweet. Looking forward to reading it. Congratulations, Norm!

#3 David Jones
@ 9:07 am

Always great to hear about another one of us web cartoonists making it in the industry!!!! Good luck Norm!!!!!!!!!!

#4 Andrew Caddell
@ 10:03 am

Great job Norm!!! :)

#5 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:14 am

This was such a good comic. Glad it’s coming back!

#6 Daniel Boris
@ 11:39 am

Congrats and good luck, Norm!

(and really appreciate the behind-the-scene’s blog – cool! Thanks for sharing!)

#7 Phil Judd
@ 3:11 pm

I love this strip and read it all through when I first discovered it…beautiful writing and an very clean inspiring artwork…definitely deserves the shot at a wider audience…plus it covers a difficult topic with taste, heart and a gentle humour that we all respond to….all the best with it…look forward to seeing it and the development….two strips now! You chasing Mark Tatulli as the busiest cartoonist in show business… :-)

#8 Anne Hambrock
@ 3:54 pm

John and I are soooooo psyched for you! Congratulations!

#9 Scott Nickel
@ 4:01 pm

Awesome news! Congrats, Norm. Now you’re REALLY gonna be busy. :)

#10 Norm Feuti
@ 5:23 pm

Thanks everyone!

#11 Chris Hart
@ 7:44 pm

It’s nice to see a new strip being syndicated! Can’t wait!

#12 Mike Cope
@ 10:09 pm

Congrats, Norm! All the best successes to you!!

#13 Mark Buford
@ 6:47 am

Congratulations Norm! Much deserved.

#14 Derrick Wood
@ 11:13 am

Where can I find his Gil strip? I don’t see examples on his site. I am new to webcomics so need steeering sometimes :)

#15 Jeff Pert
@ 12:50 pm

Congrats, Norm! I’ve loved ‘Gil’ ever since I picked up the booklet at the Maine Comics Fest a couple of years back. Great stuff!

@ 11:03 pm

Congrats Norm! It’s inspiring to see hard work and persistence paying off.

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