Politico looks at Bluewater comic books of politicians

I’ve mentioned before that my impression of Bluewater’s comic books is that they are a supermarket tabloid in graphical form. After reading this story in Politico, I’m wondering if I misjudged.

From Patrick Gavin’s piece in Politico regarding Bluewater trying to break the stereotype that comic books were all about men in tights.

Defying that stereotype, Bluewater produced comic books starring Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Bluewater used those books to launch its “Female Force” series focused on empowering women.

“Back during the last election, we noticed how unfair Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton were being treated in the media. People were commenting more on their clothes than their actual resumes,” Davis said.

Here’s a video from Politico:

One thought on “Politico looks at Bluewater comic books of politicians

  1. I’ve read some of their stuff from their biography series and most of it is pretty good (except for the one on Bill Clinton…it’s rather bad.) The artwork is mixed bag, but most of the writing was solid. They also have some other different continuing series which follow the norm of say DC and Marvel with superhero/superheroine series.

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