New Pixar short: La Luna

Rick Marshall interviews Enrico Casarosa about the short. Watch the the teaser/trailer below.

La Luna, the new Pixar short written and directed by Enrico Casarosa, has been the subject of much praise lately thanks to a series of well-received screenings at recent film festivals. Planned as the lead-in short for next year’s Brave, La Luna is being screened on its own to ensure awards eligibility -a wise plan considering how impressive the short is.

The seven-minute film tells the story of a young boy who finally gets the chance to accompany his father and grandfather to work. After rowing out to sea in a small boat, the trio drops anchor and begins waiting for the workday to begin. Even after the puzzled boy discovers his family’s very unusual line of work, he can’t help being pulled back and forth between the two generations, each believing his methods are best.

Hat tip: Richard Thompson, AKA @pooralmanack

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