Journal-Constitution and Newsday also drop Doonesbury

Jim Romenesko reports (actually re-reports what Michael Cavna first reported) that in addition to The Chicago Tribune, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Newsday have opted out of running this week’s Doonesbury.

The editor of the AJC cites that the strip was axed because, “the book is not yet published, Ms. Palin has not had an opportunity to comment publicly on the content included in the book and picked up in the cartoons. Nor has the book yet been reviewed for accuracy. In essence, the cartoons would be reporting news, not commenting on news that is already public.”

Go read Jim’s post for the full quote on why AJC pulled the strip.

12 thoughts on “Journal-Constitution and Newsday also drop Doonesbury

  1. Considering the state of the news media these days what would be so out of line for a cartoon to report the news? It’s not like anyone else is taking great care in doing it.

  2. The New York Times review panned both the book and it’s
    author, who came off as even sleazier than I thought he was.
    I’d like to see a follow up Doonesbury strip of the Author and
    the slick movie agent character trying to work out book-to-movie
    deal, with Charlie sheen playing the first dude and one of the
    Kardashian sisters playing President Palin.

  3. Excellent point, Keith. Like the American press has earned the right to be so high & mighty these days.

  4. Garry Trudeau is brilliant. Which other comic strip is being discussed in the mainstream media? A 41-year-old comic strip, no less! That boy can still bring it!

  5. yea, that was a close one, You newspapers almost had a daily comic strip that was actually contemporary and funny! Thank god we have things like Family Circus to dilute our senses and bring us back to reality.

  6. The AJC did run Monday’s Doonesbury strip but apparently ran repeats the remainder of the week. (I had AJC listed on my Monday post as running the Palin strips; I’ll make a revision later).

  7. Newsday serves the Long Island area of New York City, be glad the New York Daily News is still carrying the Doonesbury strip.

    Is Newsday still carrying reruns of For Better or For Worse and/or Peanuts despite these 2 no longer being run in the Daily News?

  8. Newsday still runs “Peanuts” and “For Better Or For Worse”. I downloaded their comics page of the 8/28 paper (which was free thanks to Hurricane Irene).

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