Styrofoam cup and Sharpie art selling for hundreds

Cheeming Boey is an immigrant from Malaysia now based in Southern California. He started doodling on styrofoam coffee cups with a Sharpie and has gained enough recognition for the art that he can now sell cups for over $1,000.

Here’s his Flickr account with all of his cups.

Hat tip to Eat Sleep Work

4 thoughts on “Styrofoam cup and Sharpie art selling for hundreds

  1. Wow, isn’t CA trying to ban all styrofoam? Time to move. 😉

    Oh yeah, $1,000/cup – crazy what sells, but they are pretty spiffy. Still … amazing he can command that kind of fee. Picasso would be jealous.

  2. Investing $1,000 on a piece of art drawn with a Sharpie (whether it be on Archaes or styrofoam), is crazy. The art as well as your investment will probably fade over time.

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