How cartoonists were affected by 9/11

Interesting post over at about how cartoonists were affected by 9/11 and how they translated their reactions into art.

Sept. 11 left a powerful impression on the work produced by the numerous illustrators, editorial cartoonists, comic book creators and other commercial artists who live and work in the Tri-State area. Through a complex mixture of humor and seriousness, emotion and analysis, cartoonists were some of the city?s best therapists.

The attack on lower Manhattan affected many cartoonists personally, and in a few cases inspired their best work. The events produced some cartoon kitsch as well. The outpouring of 9/11 comics speaks to the longstanding connection between the city, comics and narrative art more generally, as well as to the reassuring intimacy of the handcrafted image.

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  1. As a fireman who lost friends that day, it effects my editorial cartoons and my job at the firehouse. I hug my family just a little bit tighter every September.

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