Garfield on Facebook nears 3 million friends

Garfield the cat is the 900 lb gorilla on the comics page and now on Facebook. As of this writing, the fan page for Jim Davis creation is 2,497 friends away from having 3 million Facebook fans. His last wall post says that once the 3 million mark has been passed there will be a special surprise for all the Facebook friends. That post alone has 4,888 likes and 201 comments.

Who would have thought a surly cat would be so effective at social media – at least Facebook. Garfield also has a Twitter account but with a much smaller crowd (12,004).

3 thoughts on “Garfield on Facebook nears 3 million friends

  1. @ Evacomics… ,Garfield,in it’s first year got 126 newspapers ,whereas Peanuts got 27 dailies for a year and 15 sunday newspapers for half a year (average 36), that’s roughly the same ratio of Garfield’s 3,000,000 suscribers to Peanuts 850,000. .just sayin’….

  2. @John Platt
    But Peanuts started out much earlier than Garfield. Is the significantly less syndication a result of the lack of new strips while Garfield is still on-going?

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