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Susie Cagle publishes Art of Peace via Cartoon Movement

Cartoon Movement has posted a report (in cartoon form, of course) from Susie Cagle who attended the Cartooning for Peace conference in Bastia, Corsica. Cartooning for Peace is a non-profit organization set up by French cartoonist Jean Plantureux (AKA Plantu) to promote cross-cultura. understanding through cartooning.

Community Comments

#1 Drew Litton
@ 10:33 am

I believe Susie Cagle is one of the brightest up and coming cartoonists in the country. Her work always resonates authenticity.

#2 Karyl Miller
@ 12:09 pm

Norton blocks the website Cartooning For Peace saying it is a “known malicious site.”
Now I’m scared to log on.
What to do?

#3 John Cole
@ 11:15 am

Norton gave us the same malware warning at home.

#4 Tom Wood
@ 12:23 pm

This is still spreading the misconception that the published cartoons were the ones that provoked the riots. Three additional cartoons created by the Imams who whipped up the controversy were the cartoons that created the most anger.

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