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Siegel and Shuster Society pushes for Superman license plate

Siegel and Shuster Society is trying to collect signatures to petition the making of a special license plate for Ohio with the iconic Superman “S” and the legend “Ohio — Birthplace of Superman.”


State Senator Tom Patton, a Republican of Strongsville, has agreed to propose the plate to the Ohio legislature when the signatures are gathered.
“I want the world to know that Superman was born in Cleveland by Jerry and Joe, a couple high school kids in Glenville in the 1930s,” said society member Irving Fine, a first cousin of Siegel. Siegel and Shuster are deceased.

If approved by the legislature, the plate would debut in 2013.

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Darcy
@ 11:44 am

The current plate’s theme is first in flight honoring the Wright bros
and John Glenn. It shows a blue sky on the top edge with the
Wrights plane. Wonder if it would be illegal if I drew in a little
Superman next to the plane on mine .

#2 Jeff Darcy
@ 11:46 am

I’m waiting for the petition for getting Calvin taking a whiz put on plates

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