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Steve Skelton announced 2 Cows and a Chicken on hiatus

Steve Skelton has announced that he has decided to hang up his 2 Cows and a Chicken feature that has been running on GoComics. Steve tells me his goal with the strip has always been to land a syndicate contract, but despite some interest by a syndicate, he can no longer dedicate the 25 hours a week to the strip without a better return financially. In his good bye announcement, he says he’s going to dedicate himself to other projects which he tells me include expanding his jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles are selling well and he hopes to turn those into posters and search-and-find apps.

Steve created 2 Cows and a Chicken four years ago and it’s been running in his local paper, The Times Call, for the last three and a half.

Community Comments

#1 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 3:36 pm

It was a GREAT comic. I hope Steve releases a book.

#2 Jonathan Lemon
@ 3:45 pm

Truly sad news although I very much enjoyed the shot across the bow he fired in the last several strips. Good luck to you Steve and I’d definitely buy a book.

#3 Norm Feuti
@ 4:13 pm

Good luck in your future projects, Steve.

#4 MJ (Michael Pohrer)
@ 5:22 pm

Wow that’s a bummer. I also enjoyed the pokes amongst the last several strips.

#5 Samuli Lintula
@ 4:34 am

Aw c’mon, Steve! A hiatus?! You know that Watterson dude? HE never took a #%&? HIATUS!

Wait, what?

He did?

… 2?

OK, fine. Enjoy your time off.

Just… come back soon!

#6 David Jones
@ 7:39 am

Good luck Steve. I can’t believe you only spent 25 hours a week. Looks like you put every minute you had available into it. Awesome work Steve.

#7 Bridgett Spicer
@ 9:15 am

Buh-cawk…. moo… and other well-wishings in your other endeavors. Smiles.

#8 Daniel Boris
@ 3:39 pm

You and me both, Steve… it’s nice to create a great comic, but you should also get paid for the effort! Build a following and then sell printed collections and collections made for mobile devices.
Just my 2 cents.
Good luck!

@ 1:41 pm

I loved the characters, and I will miss all of them. Most of all I will miss your humor. Best of luck in all you do – and with your talent, it should be as easy as falling off a cow.

#10 Steve Skelton
@ 1:58 pm

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your posts here. As I said on the forum at gocomics, I really don?t want to stop doing the strip, it just seems like right now I should take a break and look at options for making it profitable. I hate that word, but it is somewhat important. Thank you all for your support….I ache to return to the work I love.

#11 Fred
@ 10:40 pm

Jimmy, I have enjoyed this comic so much. I am sorry you are stopping it. I looked forward to it every day and emailed it to many of my friends. Please think about bringing it back.

#12 Fred Wightman
@ 10:44 pm

Jimmy, I have enjoyed this comic so much. I am sorry you are stopping it. I looked forward to it every day and emailed it to many of my friends. Please think about bringing it back. Too many people enjoyed it and you wit was splendid.

#13 Brian Powers
@ 3:32 am

Sometimes it’s good to step back from what you are doing and get a different perspective on it. Good luck, Steve. Hope we cross paths again.

#14 Richard Kleinschmidt
@ 3:10 am

Steve it is great that you resumed the strip! I hope that you will make the original series available as a book or Kindle. I am in Africa in the Peace Corps, so I can only view the new series when I’m in a town with fast enough internet for images.

#15 Clem Kadiddlehopper XIV
@ 9:23 pm

Good grief! I (and several good friends of mine) have had such enjoyment with those three characters. As one respondent wrote, I just can’t see how you come up with all this stuff in just 25 hours/week.

It’s a shame that you can’t make a living out of this strip.

You, Sir, have a great talent!

Best wishes, and may the Lord bless you and yours!

#16 Dan UpNorth
@ 11:39 am

I will really miss your humor. Good luck and please come back soon!

#17 Edy Longest
@ 11:42 am

So sorry to see this cartoon go. My all time favorite cartoon. I subscribe to the newspaper just for the comics. Lately, my local paper has deleted the best comics ever. I wish you had a book of the life of these characters from start to finish. I came into it in the middle so I font know all that has happened. Best wishes to you.

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