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Hollywood to revive Hong Kong Phooey

Eddie Murphy has signed on to voice a revival of the short-lived Hanna-Barbera cartoon Hong Kong Phooey
. The 1970’s TV show is based on a dog named Penry who is a “kung-fu fighting superhero who doubles as a janitor at a police station”.

According to the IMDB, Murphy is the only talent cast so far. The release date says 2014 with : Alex Zamm as both writer and director.

Here’s the original intro:

Community Comments

#1 Bob Weber Jr.
@ 9:40 am

Eddie is not the only Murphy connected to the film. Animation and Playboy cartoonist Marty Murphy designed the Hong Kong Phooey characters for the original show. Marty passed away two years ago. He was a great cartoonist, and I was lucky to know him as a friend.

#2 David Jones
@ 11:15 am

Hopefully Eddie won’t make this sound like the Donkey character. Eddie needs a little gravel in his voice.

You know who I would have picked? And this is no means a joke. I would have gotten Pro Wrestler Ron Killings (better known as R Truth) to voice Hong Kong Phooey. The guy is spot on perfect for the voice. Plus he is @#$%ing funny. I stole the word “@#$%” from Pastis. Stephan was a way with words….

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:52 pm

Do I sense a @#$% flop? It was mildly entertaining originally as a novelty parody of kung fu shows and movies. There was a reason it was short-lived as a cartoon show. So unless they do a transformers-ala-Spielberg, it will probably not be very good regardless of who does the voice.

They should bring back Super Chicken if they want to resurrect a great character. ;)

#4 Raymond Betancourt
@ 1:57 pm

Can Penelope Pitstop be far behind?

#5 Darryl Heine
@ 2:10 pm

So it will be 3 more years until the Hong Kong Phooey movie gets released.

#6 David Jones
@ 2:10 pm

To back up what Rich said, I think something with a little more POP would be awesome…… like bringing back Terrytoons’ The Mighty Heroes with a twisted Ralph Bakshi at the helm. Talk about a COOL 3D movie that would make.

Now we are talking about a money making movie. I would get Robin Williams to do the voice of Diaper Man and have the voice kinda like his Popeye voice… Ewe gross….. Smell that?

That is the smell from the Popeye movie. Still stinking after all these long years. One of MANY bad Robin Williams movies…. lol…. Time for Mork to make a comeback film. The mighty Heroes may be that movie!!!!

#7 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:18 am

Terrytoons could work, but I’d also be in for Foghorn Leghorn – The Movie. ;)

#8 Derrick Wood
@ 11:12 am

Am I really the only one that would rather see a remake of – NOTHING! Leave it all alone because they are terrible a hundred percent of the time. Ok, nearly 100%. Phooey was a great cartoon and I loved it but I do not want to see it as a CG film. Please just let sleeping Kung Fu dogs lie.

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