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Terri Libenson publishes first Pajama Diaries collection

Terri Libenson’s The Pajama Diaries is now found in book form. This is the first collection of the strip that debuted in 1996.

Entitled The Pajama Diaries: Deja To-Do!, the book is a collection of Terri’s favorite daily and Sunday strips.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:46 pm

Hope it sells a bunch Terri. Good stuff! ;)

#2 Ed Power
@ 2:18 pm

1996? Really? Wow. Where did it run before King Features?

#3 Terri Libenson
@ 5:13 pm

Actually, it debuted in 2006…five years ago.
Thanks, Rich!

#4 Christophe "Hagen" Granet
@ 8:37 pm

I tried to order the “signed” book from your website (to be shipped to Australia), but there was no field to put the “Country” and nothing showing the shipping cost…
Can you ship to Australia and how much would you charge?

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