Video: Steve Brodner draws Boehner in the Middle

Posted on the Washington Post:

It’s moving pretty fast. Did anyone catch what he was coloring with?

H/T: Mike Rhode

6 thoughts on “Video: Steve Brodner draws Boehner in the Middle

  1. When he uses the toothbrush, the splatters go everywhere, ever across the faces and shirts of Obama and Boehner, but in the close up at the end, no splatters. I’m guessing the video leaves out where he masked the main characters with frisket. I don’t think that tissue or cloth toward the end could have cleaned it up that well or as accurately. Anyone know more about his technique?

  2. It says something about how far to the extreme the parties
    have moved that Boehner and Obama are now considered to be
    in the middle. That tooth brush splatter looks like my 401k right

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