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The visual storyteller’s map of the known world

Jake Parker has posted a map of the “known world” for those who call themselves visual storytellers. Click through to his blog for a larger view of the map and his narrative of options for storytellers.

The visual storyteller; part artist, part writer. Some favor the visual, others favor the word, but all of them convey their story using visual means. For the last 100 years the there has been more opportunities open to the visual storyteller then at any time previous in the history of mankind. Consider the talents who could not illustrate, but mastered photography. Or those who?s written word was lacking, but brilliantly captured their stories on the screen. The geniuses who could combine their own drawings with with their own words in picture books, comic strips, and graphic novels. And the illustrators who spoke volumes with deft strokes of paint. Had they been born in any previous century the world would?ve been denied their visions.

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#1 Kat Ruhl
@ 10:39 pm

I feel like the ‘Bay of Geeks’ should also intersect with the video game territories. I mean, from personal experience those things go hand in hand XD

Really interesting look at storytelling though. Simplistic, yes, but easy to connect with

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