Renton PD shopped around for prosecutor to go after cartoonist

An interesting development in the latest chapter of the Renton Police Department trying to find the identify of the person posting videos mocking them for alleged misconduct. According to KIRO-TV, the police department kind of shopped the case around trying to find a prosecutor’s office that would move an investigation forward.

The Prosecutor’s Office said it refused the request in May. Spokesman Dan Donahoe said there was “insufficient evidence to proceed” in the case.

Rather than admit defeat, Renton police took the case across town and convinced the Renton City Prosecutor to issue the warrant.

Renton police Detective Bob Onoshi told KIRO Team 7 Investigators he was ordered earlier this year by his commander, police Chief Kevin Milosevich, to try to make a cyberstalking case against the anonymous cartoonist. Onoshi said he didn’t make his case, which King County prosecutors confirmed after initially telling KIRO 7 “it had nothing to do with the case.”

KIRO-TV has also posted more of the videos in question. Clearly we’re not talking about a real cartoonist, but these, probably under the definition of a video editorial cartoon.

3 thoughts on “Renton PD shopped around for prosecutor to go after cartoonist

  1. Argh. I live in Renton. There was a murder and a shooting (likely related it seems) just last night (not all that uncommon). Of course, if the beat cops were actually out on their beats, instead of dealing with BS politics, etc., it is possible that things *might* be different. Who knows…? They have a tough job. Not trying to marginalize them, but I have a family member in similar service – and the politics these people have to endure is unbelievable at times. And a three-ringed-circus at others. These cartoons are not limited to the PD’s. Firefighters and others blow off steam with these as well. Just take a look at youtube sometime. A little comic relief goes a long way in helping to keep one’s sanity, I assure you.

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