Ratfist comes to an end

The webcomic Ratfist by graphic novelist Doug TenNapel has come to a close at a neat 150 pages. On his blog, Doug says that when he started he knew that it would end at 150 pages (“The only way I could start a webcomic was if I knew it would end”). He also reveals that the entire series will be available through Image Comics in December.

The webcomic was published weekdays since January. You can read it from the beginning start here.

2 thoughts on “Ratfist comes to an end

  1. the comic started strong but I think during the last 20 updates it really fell short. I think there was also an issue online when he responded to comments. He came off as a right wing nut ball who was homophobic and possibly racist. He did amazing work but he wasn’t very popular in the webcomic community

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