AAEC convention round up: A non-event?

I’ve been waiting for news about last week’s annual American Association of Editorial Cartoonists convention held at The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. The buzz was especially low this year. Usually the local paper will run something announcing the association was in town. The only blurb I found was from St. Petersburg Times – 132 words.

So here’s a run-down of what I’ve been able to gather:
Jeff Parker has posted some photos he’s taken of the participants of the convention.

Malaysian cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Ul Haque, (aka Zunar), received the Cartoonists Rights Network International annual Award for Courage in Editorial Cartooning.

Zunar has been the target of long-standing and illegal government censorship. Last year he was arrested and detained for two days. All of his cartoon publications have been seized and newspapers warned off from carrying any of his daily political cartoons. He is fighting back by taking the government to court on charges of illegal arrest and detention.

Here’s vide of him sketching:

Here’s his acceptance speech:

Zunar’s acceptance speech

What else am I missing? Who’s posted photos, reviews, commentary about the convention?

2 thoughts on “AAEC convention round up: A non-event?

  1. Not only is it still around, in some countries you can still get sent to JAIL for drawing ANY cartoon that has an opinion attached…

    Here in the good ole’ USA, you won’t go to jail for Political Cartooning, usually. But if your opinions frighten the folks who hired you, you WILL be “downsized…” It’s better than jail, but there are no free meals…

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