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Video: New hi-def trailer for Tintin released

A new “hi-def” trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Tintin movie has been posted (quite honestly on my small laptop screen, I couldn’t tell it was hi-definition unless you count the longer amount of time it took to load to play).

My general impression of the movie was negative when the first teasers were released. This trailer has raised my interest.

Tintin will hit the big screen Dec. 23 in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D.

Community Comments

@ 5:31 pm

I agree …it’s looking like something to see. I couldn’t help thinking this form would be a great way to make a Dick Tracy movie.

#2 Neal Skorpen
@ 7:51 am

I’m so disappointed in Spielberg and co, they appear to not get it at all. CGI is fine, but Tintin is a cartoon character and should be toon shaded. The Polar Express treatment is just stupid–if you want real people, use real people! Plus, what’s with the ship sailing over sand dunes transforming into ocean waves? I can’t imagine any scenario where that serves a well-grounded adventure yarn.

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