Profiled: John Rose visits fans in Knoxville TN

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith didn’t fair to well in a recent reader poll in the Knoxville The News Sentinel and the editors opted to cut it. The Barney Google and Snuffy Smith fans were loud enough to cause the editors to reinstate it. John Rose, the current cartoonist for the strip, decided to take a trip down to Knoxville to pay a visit to the loyal fans. During his visit The News Sentinel interviewed John and posted this video.

One thought on “Profiled: John Rose visits fans in Knoxville TN

  1. Didn’t “fair to well” [sic] and then fared weller? 🙂

    Walt Kelly did a great essay about newspaper comic-strip polls and Pogo. Reprinted in Ten Ever-Lovin’ Blue Eyed Years With Pogo, if I recall correctly, but I can’t find my copy. (Good heavens, my collection is in such disarray!) Kelly said Pogo was always one of the strips that consistently polled strongly in the “drop it” category, and after being dropped was just as consistently quickly reinstated due to howls of protest.

    He wasn’t writing about Pogo per se as much as he was writing about polls, who answers them, and what they really mean (and, more importantly, don’t mean). Still worthy today, maybe more than ever as politicians are more than ever unprincipled poll-watching weathervanes.

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