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New Brunswick Publishing lays off Michael De Adder

The newspaper’s economic troubles is not limited to the United States. Michael De Adder, editorial cartoonist for New Brunswick Publishing in Canada, was told ealier this week that his job is being cut in August. Michael’s work appears in Moncton Times & Transcript and the Fredericton Gleaner, but due to budget cuts his position is being cut.

Michael thought his position was relatively safe. He says, “Considering I’ve won five Atlantic Journalism Awards since 2001, I thought my reputation and workload would keep me in a job for ten years. I was wrong.”

He’ll still continue to freelance cartoons for Metro Canada and the Toronto Star.

Community Comments

#1 signe wilkinson
@ 4:44 pm

ANother big loss for editorial cartooning. The NYTimes just found out how much their readers like editorial cartoons. It would be nice if the papers who support actual cartoonists realized what they were cutting.

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