Gannett announces 700 job reduction across chain (UPDATED)

Sad news for Gannett employees.

Gannett said it would eliminate 700 jobs in its Community Publishing division, laying off 3 percent of its employees across newspapers like The Courier-Journal of Louisville, The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Indianapolis Star. The company’s flagship paper, USA Today, just went through a round of cuts last summer and will not be affected by the layoffs. Employees who lost their jobs were notified on Tuesday.

The layoffs come after “disappointing midyear advertising figures.”

Anyone know if this is affecting an editorial cartoonist? Message me ( if you know somebody.

UPDATE: Jim Romenesko points out that while 700 Gannett employees are getting little pink slips, Gannett CEO Craig Dubow received a “$1.25 million cash bonus and had his salary doubled.”

5 thoughts on “Gannett announces 700 job reduction across chain (UPDATED)

  1. That blurb about Gannett CEO Craig Dubow getting a huge cash bonus and having his salary doubled in the face of this, (in the update), really says it all, doesn’t it? Despicable. Pay the CEO ridiculous sums, and cut back the producers of the content which actually helps sell the papers.

    It is part of why the slow demise of newspapers has been hastened by the actions of the business people behind them.

  2. I saw over on the Gannett Blog that Doug MacGregor was let go yesterday by the News Press.

  3. It’s confirmed. Doug just sent out a blanket email to friends and colleagues… he was laid off yesterday — after 31 years with Gannett.

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