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PeanutTweeter matches tweets with Peanuts strips

Looks like a new site is up that takes peoples Tweets and tries to match them with random Peanut strip.

As far as a parody/mashup experiment – I think it works. Here’s some examples.

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Community Comments

#1 John Lotshaw
@ 8:40 pm

Sorry… there’s just something fundamentally wrong with hearing Sally mention the name of a sexually transmitted disease.

#2 Ed Power
@ 8:14 am

Wow. It used to be everyone wanted to create the next ‘Calvin and Hobbs’ or ‘Farside’. Now everyone wants to create the next ‘Garfeild minus Garfeild’. :(

#3 Gar Molloy
@ 8:23 am

At least Garfield Minus Garfield showcases what a weird and depressing guy Jon really is, this is just cognitive dissonance humour. Works well enough for what it is, but probably won’t have much lasting appeal.

#4 Joel Bader
@ 11:15 am

I think about the times when Peanuts mentions Tiger Woods–I can’t wait to see what the twitter messages would say about him given all of his recent misadventures!

I hope someone does the same with The Family Circus (in homage to the old Dysfunctional Family Circus which was shut down by Bil Keane years ago).

#5 dave nelson
@ 12:58 pm

for something a little more original, try out at

A random tweet attached to a Peanuts illustration is a joke that is really only funny once.

#6 Mike Oliver
@ 4:22 pm

The Family Circus has been done, by pairing a random cartoon with a random Nietzsche quote:

#7 Mike Peterson
@ 3:27 am

Having the chutzpah to rip off Sparky’s art and then put his own copyright notice on it kind of sets a new mark.

#8 Mike Lester
@ 6:48 am

Tweeting your junk might not be illegal but pretty sure this is.

#9 Tiki Carol Leach
@ 7:34 am

For the BEST mash ups on the web:
Dean’s Comic Booth
especially his early stuff

#10 Stephen Beals
@ 12:49 pm

I detest any bastardization of Peanuts comics, or any work that I love for that matter. Maybe it’s a weakness, but my sense of humor gets turned off and I can’t get past it.

#11 Ben McCormick
@ 7:52 am

I’m curious as to how long this will last before Mrs. Schulz brings her lawyers online.

As for Sally mentioning an STD and, it goes to a whole new level of weird when you know that When Fergie was 9 she was the voice of Sally in a couple movies and the TV series.

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