PeanutTweeter matches tweets with Peanuts strips

Looks like a new site is up that takes peoples Tweets and tries to match them with random Peanut strip.

As far as a parody/mashup experiment – I think it works. Here’s some examples.

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11 thoughts on “PeanutTweeter matches tweets with Peanuts strips

  1. Wow. It used to be everyone wanted to create the next ‘Calvin and Hobbs’ or ‘Farside’. Now everyone wants to create the next ‘Garfeild minus Garfeild’. šŸ™

  2. At least Garfield Minus Garfield showcases what a weird and depressing guy Jon really is, this is just cognitive dissonance humour. Works well enough for what it is, but probably won’t have much lasting appeal.

  3. I think about the times when Peanuts mentions Tiger Woods–I can’t wait to see what the twitter messages would say about him given all of his recent misadventures!

    I hope someone does the same with The Family Circus (in homage to the old Dysfunctional Family Circus which was shut down by Bil Keane years ago).

  4. I detest any bastardization of Peanuts comics, or any work that I love for that matter. Maybe it’s a weakness, but my sense of humor gets turned off and I can’t get past it.

  5. I’m curious as to how long this will last before Mrs. Schulz brings her lawyers online.

    As for Sally mentioning an STD and, it goes to a whole new level of weird when you know that When Fergie was 9 she was the voice of Sally in a couple movies and the TV series.

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