NYT pay-wall is creating more print subscribers

Business insider reports that The New York Times pay-wall strategy is not only generating online revenue, but that they’re seeing an uptick in print subscriptions as well as the choice of ‘free’ is no longer an option.

Even people who love their newsprint had to give serious thought to why they were blowing $600 for nothing. But now that the paywall is in place, they at least don’t have to feel like idiots anymore.

And that, a senior New York Times Company executive told us on background this morning, is leading to an uptick in print subscriptions.

Another executive confirmed this, saying the company is “seeing an uptick in new print orders in all frequencies–7 days, Weekender, and Sunday.”

3 thoughts on “NYT pay-wall is creating more print subscribers

  1. Not sure what NYT costs but WSJ is around $400.00 and worth it. But a bigger question and one that Alan may or may not choose to run with:

    How many of you who regularly read TDC and are involved in or are just a fan of comics actually have a paid newspaper subscription?

    1. Mike – It’s a good question. Rather than reply here in the comments, I’ll post a survey on the homepage (probably tonight after work).

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