Check out new Tintin movie posters, trailer

The Adventures of Tintin is set to hit theaters this December. The 3D motion capture movie is produced by legendary filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Posters (see below) have been released as well as the trailer. Tintin is based on the be French comic by Belgian artist Georges Rémi (1907?1983). It is one of the most popular comics in Europe.

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12 thoughts on “Check out new Tintin movie posters, trailer

  1. As a huge fan of Herge’s masterpiece, I can only ask, WHY? I’m not trying to disparage the work that went in to this project, the 3-D looks awesome, but why didn’t they just shoot this in live action? When they try to realize all the characters, it loses all the charm of Herge’s original “clear line” work, and it’s kind of creepy on top of that. Do we really need to see the veins in Tintin’s eyes?? Just because you can create a whole world with motion capture realism doesn’t mean you have to. The thing I don’t understand is why they couldn’t keep the feel of the original concept using simplified forms like Herge himself did. There’s something dead looking about the human characters in this kind of animation. What’s wrong with dots for eyes anyway?

  2. Oh how I desperately want to love this. But the 3D is simply not working for me, and the trailer hasn’t helped. I agree with Mark, I would have preferred either live action or good ol’ 2D animation.

  3. I totally agree. I had such high hopes for this. Why are we so locked into making movies only in CG 3D anymore. Imagine this movie done with Herge’s great art animated. Imagine this with the incredible color pallet of Herge. And when will they ever learn that humans done in cg like this are just downright creepy.
    Even a live action film would have been better than this look. Oh well…

  4. If they had kept faithful to Herge and stylized the characters and backgrounds, keeping the colors clean, I would warm up to it more. The look they achieved with The Incredibles is a good example, they weren’t trying to re-create living, breathing lifelike human beings, they streamlined and used the medium to determine what would work.

    All the coolest effects 3D has to offer won’t add a thing unless Herge’s style shines through.

  5. I’m going to reserve judgement; there were some moments in the preview that looked pretty cool. The shot of the plane as it flew over the ocean with the ship below, looked very much like a Herge drawing brought to life, colors and all. And the scene with Tintin running out the door and shooting at the blue car. Perhaps they were more faithful to the material than we can know at this point. Maybe Spielberg & Jackson have figured out how to do mc without making it look creepy, maybe not.

  6. I can’t say I agree this is the best approach for this movie, but I have enough faith in Spielberg and Jackson to give them the benefit of the doubt. It certainly looks interesting…and if they’re true to the storytelling of the Tin Tin books, then that’ll be the key.

  7. I can’t wait to see the film but I am afraid that 3D’s going to spoil it. I have been reading Tintin’s stories since I was a small girl and I am really used to the 2D classic animation of his stories. Maybe the film’s going to surprise me.

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