Brian Anderson readies launch of webcomic, novel

Brian Anderson, the creator of Dog Eat Doug has announced that he’s working on the release of a novel and accompanying webcomic entitled “The Conjurers.” On his blog he writes:

As most of you know, I’m hard at work on polishing up the pitch for the novel. At the same time I am also working on the webcomic side of things, simply because A: I want to launch the comic this year, and B: I want to include a sample in the novel pitch.

So I thought I’d share the inks to page one of episode one. I’m not completely sold on the style, but I think I’ll let it improve and grow organically from here on out. Also, haven’t made the final decisions on colors, but I do know I want a painterly effect for the backgrounds (that’s why I haven’t drawn backgrounds in some of the panels.

You can see samples of the artwork on his Conjurers website.

3 thoughts on “Brian Anderson readies launch of webcomic, novel

  1. I too have been looking forward to this. I love Brian’s abilities as an artist and own a couple of his originals. It is a shame there isn’t more time in the day for him to tackle all the ideas he gets.

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