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Lee Judge allows himself to be hit by 91 mph baseball

Lee Judge who is the Kansas City Star editorial cartoonist and blogs about the KC Royals recently wrote:

About a month ago, I wrote that Wilson Betemit should be willing to get hit by a pitch (it was an 81-mph slider) with the bases loaded in a tie game.

Then I started thinking ? what if I manned up, put my money (or my elbow) where my mouth was and stepped in front of one?

I made the mistake of telling Jason Kendall what I was thinking. His response? ?You wearing an elbow pad?? as he rummaged through his locker.

?Uh, yeah, I guess so ? what are you doing??

?Getting you an elbow pad ? we?re gonna get this done right now.?

But I decided that if I did this, I was getting it on video.

Here’s the video:

We’re sorry, this video can not be played in your browser.

There doesn’t seem to be alcohol involved – at least not on camera. :)

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#2 Gerry Mooney
@ 7:52 am

Oh sure, but it hit him in the padding. Take one on the elbow!

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