Mike Peters wins Overseas Press Club award

Not sure how I missed this one, but a hearty congrats to Mike Peters nonetheless. Mike was honored with the 72nd annual Overseas Press Club’s Thomas Nast Award for best editorial cartooning on international affairs. This is the second big prize of the year. He was honored with this year’s National Headliner Awards.

In an article that ran in his paper The Dayton Daily News, he responds to the award.

“I feel very honored getting those two awards this year” Peters said. “That’s gilding a lily in a way, because I love what I do.”

2 thoughts on “Mike Peters wins Overseas Press Club award

  1. I’m one of Mike Peters biggest fans and congrats to him.
    I hope in the future the Overseas Press Club will bring down the size of the exorbitant entry fee so more cartoonists will enter, thus restoring it’s former prestige to this award.

    There is a large number of editorial cartoonists who boycott this contest. I don’t want to demean Peters’ accomplishment. My foolish wish is there will be enough attention placed upon this award so they restructure their fees and make it a contest every editorial cartoonist can enter.

  2. Ditto. Hard to justify paying $175/200 contest fee when co-
    workers are losing jobs.

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