Ted Rall auctioning off a future cartoon

Ted Rall, a cartoonist who needs no introduction, is auctioning off his cartooning services to the highest bidder. Ted posted himself on eBay stating that he’ll draw the auction winner a cartoon on any subject they want – with some caveats. The winner picks the topic, but Ted is free to approach the topic any way he wants. The winner only gets a one time printing (so hold back that twitpic). Winner will also get the original art.

Current bidding is at $202 after 11 bids. Auction ends May 2.

9 thoughts on “Ted Rall auctioning off a future cartoon

  1. Is Ted hard up for cash?
    I like how he switches from third person to first person in his terms and conditions. I like how he lectures and patronizes potential buyers.

    You will NOT instruct Ted what to draw or how to do it. You will provide ONLY the topic of the cartoon. The topic should involve an item that is in the news, whether political or pop cultural or economic, etc. You should provide a LINK to said news story. In other words, no cartoons about personal stories, someone you know, etc.

    Ted will draw whatever he feels like saying about this topic.

    Please note that I retain copyright of the winning item. That means that, while you get the artwork and the right to use it once, I can (if I choose) distribute it via syndication or publish it in a book collection of my cartoons.

  2. It’s a clever way to sell an original. He gets someone to assign a topic, one he’d probably do anyway, then he just draws it, distributes it, promotes it, like he does every cartoon. At the end of it he sells the original, which is something just about every cartoonist does anyway (without advertising).

    And why is Ted breaking news here but he’s not worthy to comment? It’s unfair to ban him, then use him for content, allowing other people to comment on him where he can’t defend himself. It’s an extremely hypocritical approach.

  3. “Ted is free to approach the topic any way he wants”

    Darn, I wanted to win the auction so that I could have Ted draw a comic that expounds on the virtues of webcomics.

  4. See, this is how you make money in comics. Draw individual pieces for high bidders, Then you charge people to come to a meetup so they can get the whole story! Also, you only let them read the first issue, then charge them to flip passed the cover for issue two! Then if they want to buy the book, they have a bidding war over who gets it! This plan is flawless, guys!

    Honestly, it’s interesting to do this, since a lot of artists auction off their work anyways. They just usually have it drawn before they auction it. To draw a personalized cartoon for someone (while artists do it at times at cons) is a nice touch.

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