Jim’s Journal now on GoComics.com

Scott Dikkers, founding and longtime editor of The Onion, is bringing back his classic comic strip Jim’s Journal to GoComics.com. Jim’s Journal ran in 200 or so college papers in the 1990s.

The Chicago Tribune called it “fabulous,” and described the offbeat strip: “There are no punch lines, no sight gags, just quirky observations and a series of unrelated events.” The character was so low-key that when he praised something highly, it was always just “pretty good.”

One thought on “Jim’s Journal now on GoComics.com

  1. I’d never heard of this strip and very much like what I’ve seen so far. I wouldn’t call it “offbeat” (especially not after “xkcd” and “Lio”) and the punchlines are there, but just soft ones, as done so beautifully by Schulz in “Peanuts.”

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