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Comic related April Fools pranks

Here’s the run down of April Fools day related comic pranks that I’ve found so far.

John Glynn announces the Calvin and Hobbes Live Action Movie

There’s a bit of Daddy?s Home in Scary Gary and a bit of Scary Gary in Daddy?s Home

Michael Cavna reports that Disney outsourced Toy Story 4 to a Taiwanese studio.

For those longing for something akin to the Great April Fools? Day Comics Switcheroonie – here’s a link to the archives so you can see the real deal – or at least some of them.

What else is going on out there. Link up to them in the comments.

UPDATE: John Martz creates a chart to help you determine if you should pull a April Fools prank.

Community Comments

#1 Tony Piro
@ 11:56 am

Just thought I would mention that xkcd is doing one of the best April Fools pranks ever:

#2 Jeff Knurek
@ 10:02 am

What about the Jumble, Alan? We had players and editors going crazy yesterday. We had quite a few angry editors having to face subscribers canceling their papers because of our little joke. Very funny.
Jumble 4/1

Panic article

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