Magic Bullet #2 comic commuter paper available

Washington City Paper reports the second edition of a new commuter paper is in circulation in the DC area. The paper, “Magic Bullet,” carries comics and sequential art.

This issue features more than a dozen artists, so it’s lot more than “not Archie.” There’s Rafer’s own “Nightmare the Rat” strip, starring a demonic Mickey-esque rodent. There’s Evan Keeling and R.M. Rhodes’ “Fifenella 2.” There’s the cover, drawn by local artist Mike O’Brien. And there’s a lot more. All but a few of the artists are from the D.C. area.

Last year, for the first issue of Magic Bullet, DC Conspiracy only printed 500 copies, and they were gone lightening fast. This time, the group printed 5,000 copies, and cut costs by using a local printer.

Interestingly the project was funded through Kickstarter. Here’s their pitch: