14-year-old editorial cartoonist lampooning Brazilian politicians

Interesting story out of The Washington Post about a 14 year old Brazilian boy who is a regular fixture in the Sao Paulo Journal doing editorial cartoons.

At Folha de Sao Paulo, or the Sao Paulo Journal, tradition holds that politicians exist to be skewered, whether they are the regional bosses in Brazil?s outback or the wildly popular former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Speaking in workable English, Joao said that since he was old enough to understand Folha?s mission, he had been driven by the hope that he, too, could lampoon the powerful from the paper?s most important perch, the editorial page.

?I make comics, cartoons, comics strip, too, and I like political cartoons,? he said on a recent day in his studio in his parents? house. ?You can joke about somebody bigger than you, and I like this.?