Comics Sherpa to do switcheroo on April Fools day has announced that comics running on their Comics Sherpa comics will do an April Fools Day switcheroo in the same vein as the now infamous Great April Fools’ Day Comics Switcheroonie back in 1997. Visit the Comics Sherpa portion of their site tomorrow to see which artists switched to which strips.

The Great April Fools’ Day Comics Switcheroonie was organized by Baby Blues co-creators Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott back in 1997. In all 46 different syndicated artists participated. If you’re new to the great Switcheroonie, read up on it on Wikipedia or read about it on The Baby Blue’s site. The Wikipedia entry documents which cartoonist took over which strip for that day.

6 thoughts on “Comics Sherpa to do switcheroo on April Fools day

  1. This activity only works if the creators and their work are familiar. I’m not sure I see the point.

  2. Bummer that I didn’t hear about this until today considering my comic is on Sherpa. Would have been fun.

  3. I clicked on the Sherpa link and found nothing letting readers know who switched to which strips. So much for promotion, Rod Perry.

  4. This was the list I was aware of…

    Frank and Steinway done by Tom Burton
    Leadbellies done by Fritz
    Onion and Pea done by Daniel Beyer
    Ralf the Destoyer done by Don Mathias
    Amazin Events done by Wil Panganiban
    Rackafracka done by Evan Falcone
    Snow Sez by Andrew Pilcher
    Smith by Teresa Sheperd
    Peanizles by Tomasseli and Villena
    Long Story short by Scott Lincoln
    In the Sandbox by Wil Panganiban

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