Pajama Diaries hits 5 years in syndication

Congrats to Terri Libenson, creator of The Pajama Diaries, who is celebrating her features’s fifth year in syndication as of yesterday.

On her blog, she’s looking back at what she’s learned in these last five years.

In honor of the 5-year mark, here are the TOP 5 things that syndication has taught me:

5. Gut-wrenching heartache. Forget unrequited love. Having your creative “baby” stomped on, critiqued, and pummeled in the polls is an emotional rollercoaster. For every year of syndication, my skin has grown another layer of armor. If I hit the 10-year mark, I’ll be a virtual armadillo. NOTHING will penetrate this (or I’ll at least be able to curl up into an armored ball).

Go read the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “Pajama Diaries hits 5 years in syndication

  1. Congratulations on what is obviously a very hard landmark to reach for newly syndicated cartoonists these days, Terri. Your success is due in no small part to the facts that your art is eye candy and your writing is funny.

  2. Congrats Terri, hope to see it make it to 10 … you as an armadillo is a funny visual, but keep up the good work and ignore the banter – you do great work! 😉

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