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Elderberries taken over by a speedball

Funny anecdote from The Times-News (Twin Falls, ID). A reader noticed the art work in The Elderberries had changed and asked the paper if a new artist had taken over. The syndicate reports that Corey Pandolph is still the cartoonist, but that Corey had changed the tools he used drawing the strip.

“I decided it best to return to the old fashioned speedball pen, dipped in India ink that I draw all my other work with,” Pandolph said.

“It’s also much more fun for me to draw, and that’s what doing comic strips is supposed to be all about.”

Community Comments

#1 John Read
@ 11:32 am

Corey says ?Fun…that?s what doing comic strips is supposed to be all about.?
But, Corey, every other syndicated cartoonist I’ve spoken to has told me it’s about the ridiculous money and the fawning groupies! I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Mark Tatulli and Bill Hinds told me…

#2 Matt Forcum
@ 12:06 pm

Cool. I like the look. And any cartoonist who uses good ‘ol fashion pen and ink is alright in my book!

#3 Jeff Pert
@ 8:43 am

Nice to know readers are paying attention.

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