Libyan editorial cartoonist still missing

The Committee to Protect Journalists is reporting that six Libyan journalists are missing after three spoke out against Moammar Gaddafi. One of the journalists is editorial cartoonist Mohamed al-Amin.

At least six local journalists who spoke critically of government policies are also missing, although there is wide speculation that they are in the custody of forces loyal to leader Muammar Qaddafi. The missing journalists are Atef al-Atrash, a contributor to local news outlets; Mohamed al-Sahim, a blogger and critical political writer; Mohamed al-Amin, a cartoonist; Idris al-Mismar, a writer and former editor-in-chief of Arajin, a monthly culture magazine; Salma al-Shaab, head of the Libyan Journalists Syndicate; and Suad al-Turabouls, a correspondent for the pro-government Al-Jamahiriya. Three of the six went missing shortly after speaking to Al-Jazeera on the air.

Since Libya’s revolt began in February, CPJ has documented more than 50 attacks on the press, including two fatalities, more than 33 detentions, five assaults, two attacks on news facilities, numerous instances of equipment confiscation, three cases of obstruction, the jamming of at least two satellite news transmissions, and the interruption of Internet service.

HT: Michael Cavna