Another suit filed against Pixar/Disney for Cars

A UK man is claiming that the movie Cars is based on a screenplay and treatment he sent to various studios, including Disney.

Jake Mandeville-Anthony filed the claim this week in U.S. District Court. According to the complaint, he created a three-part screenplay titled “Cookie & Co.,” about the true-life adventure race-car driver Michael Owen Perkins, who won a 1988 race, and a second work titled “Cars,” which included a treatment, sample screenplay, 46 animated car character descriptions, 10 cars character sketches, and a marketing and merchandising plan.
Mandeville says he sent copies of the works to various production companies, including Disney. The plaintiff also says he met in person with a Lucasfilm executive named Jim Morris in 1993 and delivered copies of his work. Pixar and Lucasfilm have had relations with each other since the 1980s, when Pixar acquired certain divisions of the George Lucas company. In 2005, according to the complaint, Morris joined Pixar and is currently general manager at the company.

According to Hollywood reporter, this isn’t the first clash between the studio and the plaintiff over Cars.

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