Profiled: Shannon Wheeler and ‘Oil & Water’

Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler has a new graphic novel coming out entitled “Oil & Water.” The book is co-written by Steve Duin, metro columnist for The Oregonian.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Shannon about the book on The Cartoon Bank blog:

TCB: Tell us about your trip to the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill, which is the subject of your upcoming graphic novel. What led you to take this trip in the first place? What do you hope to accomplish with the book?

SW: Mike Rosen, a manager at the Bureau of Environmental Services, Watershed Division, organized a group of writers, scientists, activists, environmentalists, teachers, and students to go to the Gulf Coast to get a better understanding of the oil spill and its implications. It is possibly the greatest manmade disaster in our history. Steve Duin, metro columnist for The Oregonian, is fictionalizing our side of the story to build a strong narrative, keeping the local characters and situations real. Our main goal is to help keep the situation on the national radar.

Book will be published by Fantagraphics Books.

2 thoughts on “Profiled: Shannon Wheeler and ‘Oil & Water’

  1. If anyone can come up with a brilliant way to keep the BP fiasco on the radar, it’s Shannon Wheeler! You can be sure he will find a way to rub salt in the oily wound, and do it in a way that will make you pause and THINK. Go, Shannon!

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