Sheen Family Circus parodies actor’s bizarre statements

Unless you’re unplugged from the world, you’ve probably noticed actor Charlie Sheen has gone rogue making really bizarre statements during a series of media blitz appearances and interviews. Two individuals have been collecting some of bizarre statements and applying them to The Family Circus.

10 thoughts on “Sheen Family Circus parodies actor’s bizarre statements

  1. Hilarious! Man, these guys are ninja warlock warriors with flying fists of violent love steel.

  2. It’s like Family Circus cartoons are transformed into NYer cartoons.

    They really can’t keep these up can they? Copyright violations, perhaps?

  3. Charlie says he’s sober. I wonder if he’s less annoying when he’s buzzed up?

  4. Jeffy is my drug and you soft targets can’t handle it. Jeffy will melt you trolls and blow out your eyes.
    Jeffy is a kick boxing F-16, man…

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