Profiled: Brian Crane and his comic Pickles

The Deseret News interviewed Pickles creator Brian Crane when he came through a couple of weeks ago for a book signing. Article covers how Brian got into comics, how the strip was originally perceived to be a 50 paper comic (now runs in over 700).

Crane also originally envisioned Earl and Opal as “more cranky, cantankerous and ornery” than they became. “I found I didn’t have that in me ? or in them.” They have kind of taken on lives of their own, he said, and it becomes easier to know how they would react.

3 thoughts on “Profiled: Brian Crane and his comic Pickles

  1. Love this quote (Crane quoting Churchill):

    “It is my belief, you cannot deal with the most serious things in the world unless you understand the most amusing.”

  2. Dear Brian,

    I have noticed that Opal is developing a nasty or sarcastic side, while Earl is pictured with sympathy. Show us an Opal point of view we can sympathize with, occasionally.

    The trouble is, you, Brian, have come to sympathize with Earl. But don’t demonize Opal while you’re at it!

    67 year-old squeeky wheel

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