Jan Eliot writing for Habitat for Humanity

Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot has been a supporter of Habitat for Humanity and has used her strip to do so. She’s written up a post for the Habitat’s blog about why she’s used her strip to bring awareness to the program.

My job is to entertain, but my public position in newspapers is an irresistible soapbox. While it?s definitely not my job to preach, I can certainly create a world within Stone Soup that reflects what I?d like our real world to be: fair, feminist, compassionate, charitable, among other things.

The Stone Soup family includes a middle-school character, Holly. She?s 13 and often fairly self-centered. Once in a while I get irritated with her and decide to create an opportunity for her to stretch and grow. A little awareness of the plight of others is a good thing to give someone who is overly concerned with her own reflection and the contents of her closet.

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