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Comics to explain healthcare and for valentines

Two stories of interest.

The LA Times is reporting that a MIT economist and presidential advisor Jonathan Gruber is helping create a graphic novel to better explain the new healthcare act passed by Congress and the President last year. It’s due out in September.

And secondly, if you’re drawing abilities top out at stick figures, you can still have a custom comic book-esque drawing of your significant other made for Valentines day. Just send Copious Productions a picture and some info and you get back full color, 11×14 tiff, and low res jpg. Deadline has past for guaranteed delivery by the 14th.

I wonder if they have a room full of college art students working for beer money or if they ship it overseas. A drawing will set you back $99.

Community Comments

#1 donna lewis
@ 9:41 am

Graphic novels should be used for a variety of subjects – from healthcare to literacy to teaching kids how to do math. Kids like them. And adults like them.

#2 b.j. Dewey
@ 7:48 pm

Not much detail in LA Times story, but I read a Businessweek version that said Gruber will provide the basics of the law, someone will write it comic style, and someone else will draw it (neither yet identified). Hope it all comes together well as it’s a terrific idea. Comics can handle the heaviest, deepest, most complex subjects, even classics (anybody remember the old “Classic Comics”?), largely because it adds the visual and lots of people learn best visually. Can’t wait for September!

Here’s the Businessweek link:

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