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Art Spiegelman wins Angouleme Gran Prix

Maus author and artist Art Spiegelman has won the Angouleme Gran Prix. The Gran Prix is awarded at the French Angouleme world comic strip festival – the largest festival in Europe.

Michael Cavna has Art’s reaction to learning of the honor.

Community Comments

#1 Christophe "Hagen" Granet
@ 2:23 pm

The Angouleme Festival is the biggest “Bande Dessinee” festival in Europe, but it is not about “comic strip” as such, it is more about “Graphic Novels”, or “Bandes Dessinees” if you prefer.
One of the perks of winning the Grand Prix is that I think Art will have to draw the poster for next year’s event…
If you happen to be in France in January, it is well worth going to Angouleme to sample the atmosphere at one of these big festivals. I used to go there every year when I was living in France.
The Cartoon Museum in Angouleme is also a top destination and is open all year round…

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