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Jeff Parker, Erika Moen launch webcomic ‘Bucko’

Jeff Parker (the Portland, OR based comic book writer and artist) and illustrator Erika Moen have launched a new webcomic entitled Bucko. They describe the comic as:

Poor Rich “Bucko” Richardson just wants to finally get a job and maybe have another opportunity to talk to that one cute girl he met at that party.

A chance case of alcohol-fueled diarrhea at his job interview leaves him desperately running for the bathroom where he discovers a brutally murdered body.

Now it’s up to Bucko to solve this case! And just maybe get that threesome after all…

First three pages are up.

Community Comments

#1 Tony Piro
@ 12:28 pm

What’s with all these super-talented people launching webcomics?!

#2 MJ (Michael Pohrer)
@ 12:38 pm

Probably because of The Daily launching. Everybody wants to get in on the digital scene.

#3 CR Jackson
@ 1:20 pm

What threesome? There’s no mention of one before the last sentence. Is he going to have a threesome with the cute girl and his new job? If this description is indicative of the writing, it bodes ill for the strip.

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