Stephan Pastis hitting speaking circuit

From Stephan’s blog:

For the first time since the strip began back in 2002, I?m now emerging from my hermit shell and booking a fair number of speaking engagements.

I talk about the strip, tell the strange tale of how I went from being a lawyer to a syndicated cartoonist, show a number of readers? favorite strips, and of course, talk about some of the strips that weren?t big hits (including some of the angry mail they generated). It?s inspirational, it?s funny and it?s better than just sitting with a bunch of people in a quiet room.

4 thoughts on “Stephan Pastis hitting speaking circuit

  1. Go East, young man! We got lawyers here! They won’t listen very well but they’ll ask LOTS of questions.

    And I’ll treat you to a Trenta! 🙂

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