New webcomic Ratfist getting attention

Graphic novelist Doug TenNapel has started a webcomic (or web graphic novel) called Ratfist.

After making 10 graphic novels I thought it would be a good time to try the medium of the on-line comic. I?ve watched Ethan Nicolle tear the internet apart with AXECOP for the last year and he makes it look so easy.

It?s been a while since I goofed around with the dorky hero genre of Earthworm Jim, and I wanted to return to that world and those fans to give them a modern take on absurdist humour.

It’s gaining attention from larger media. USAToday’s writer Whitney Matheson mentioned it on it Monday.

I’m enjoying the artwork. Interesting to see where Doug takes this.

9 thoughts on “New webcomic Ratfist getting attention

  1. Doug’s output of great work is just amazing. The guy completes about two graphic novels a year of high quality, amazingly creative stuff. On top of that, he’s had his hands in all kinds of projects, from multiple film options, to original television and animated series, to video games, claymation; the guy is one of the most under-the-radar comics creators out there and can’t deserve enough recognition for adding a lot to the medium. And like most creators with immense talent, he is also incredibly humble. He doesn’t shout his accolades from a mountain top, or lord his accomplishments over others.

    I can’t wait for Ratfist to develop. Doug’s got a great gift for telling deep and truthful stories wrapped in absurdist humor; and although Ratfist looks to be paying homage to the older Earthworm Jim work, I have a feeling there will be a lot going on under the hood as the work progresses.

  2. Doug is incredible. I love that he’s tapped into a childhood memory to ignite RatFist.

    Great stuff so far. I look forward to it daily.

  3. Doug does amazing work! I can’t believe that they are able to produce such high quality work every weekday!
    Its truly amazing!

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